起源の場所: 中国
ブランド名: Heng Master
証明: FDA certificated
モデル番号: HMP147
最小注文数量: 50,000部分
価格: US 0.02-0.03/pc
パッケージの詳細: カートン箱
受渡し時間: 25日
支払条件: L/C、D/A、D/P、T/T、ウェスタン・ユニオン、MoneyGram
供給の能力: 1ヶ月あたりの1000000部分
色: ゆとり 特徴: 使い捨て可能
サイズ: 22*17*5cm 使用法: 野菜皿の包装
項目: まめプロダクト 適用: 野菜包装
ロゴ: カスタマイズされる OEM及びODM: 歓迎
MOQ: 50000pcs 形: 長方形







 Product Description



Material: Food grade PET
Specifications: 22*17*5cm
Color: Clear
MOQ: 50,000 pcs
Feature: Disposable
Port: Ningbo port
Delivery: 25 days

► Why Choose us
     1)  Food Safety Guarantee.
     2)  100k Grade Purification Workshop
     3)  Deliver on time
     4)  Reply in 12 hours
     5)  Free Sample design
     6)  Mold Cost Refund
Picture Shows
22*17*5cmの使い捨て可能な野菜容器を包んでいるトウモロコシ 0
1. The PET box has good transparency and light transmittance, and the box body feels well. The box body is exquisite and of high quality, which can enhance the added value of food.
More importantly, it is conducive to publicity and promotion of corporate image.
2. The materials used in PET boxes are environmentally friendly materials.
3. Under the beautiful packaging, the food can still make the customers clearly see the real appearance of the food. Its "transparency" feature is a high value-added marketing tool with great publicity effect!


► Company Profile


22*17*5cmの使い捨て可能な野菜容器を包んでいるトウモロコシ 1

22*17*5cmの使い捨て可能な野菜容器を包んでいるトウモロコシ 2


► Q&F


1. Are you trading company or manufacture ?
We are manufacturing company. We offer the goods directly.

2. What are your main products ?
Plastic food packaging, such as CPET packing tray, PET fruit and vegetable box, PP food box

crisper, supermarket fresh tray, pastry box and packaging inner tray.

3. How long is your delivery time?
Generally it is 25 days.It dependes on the quantity and material.


4.Can you do customized products?

Yes,we are mainly doing customized products according to the customers drawings or samples.


                                       Hengmaster,  Safe Packaging for food



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